Patient Testimonial Treating Ptsd with Cannabis

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Posted:: 27-Feb-2020

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Medical Condition Treated

Application/Consumption Method
As an edible

Product Used
Various combo strains of flower used in creating edibles

Made my own


I dose prior to running/exercise daily with a microdose of an edible and some kratom and occasionally a puff of a vape


My story is complex, and I hesitate to share publically due to fear of judgment from those that do not understand plant medicine and /or have labeled certain types of plant medicine "ok" and others "dangerous", specifically kratom. I would like to share that there is a learning curve and much education needed when exploring these valid options and much time, energy and thought and consultation went into my decision to ditch my pharma and go "all in" with this regimen. I also will add that I tried traditional methods of treatment for years, had labeled myself as "hopeless", one of those who will always be mired in addiction. I encourage people to look at the results people are having, not necessarily nitpicking the process. Ultimately I try to live by the "walk a mile in another's shoes " sort of approach...through podcasting and hearing others ' lived experiences, I know that there's often far more to one's presentation and immediate appearance and to resist jumping to conclusions, ever.